Q.  Why Join?

A.  Here are some of the benefits for your family

A NEW MODEL FOR STEM TEACHING AND LEARNING: Students are captivated by the novelty and far-reaching impact of nanotechnology applications. Students also develop self-efficacy through the use of i-MWM mobile-platform’s personalized content delivery and self-paced learning. Immersion in the nano-STEM learning environment better equips students for the high-tech workforce. Finally, i-MWM helps students meet the latest (NGSS) STEM learning standards.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Participating teachers/parents will receive orientation on the core nano concepts and gain a working knowledge of the inquiry and design methodology, which emphasizes the science and engineering practices outlined in NGSS.

A NATIONAL STEM COMMUNITY: Since 1993, the MWM program has been based on a working partnership between STEM teachers. Teachers are rejuvenated and excited about learning and teaching the cutting-edge science. University researchers and educators are excited to transfer their work into classrooms in order to prepare future generations of students!

After the purchase of the i-MWM curriculum, you will remain a member of our national online community of nanotechnology researchers and educators. As such, you will have ongoing access to i-MWM content updates, webinars, workshops and a teaching forum.


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