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Inquiry and Design

Inquiry-and Design allows students to perform the work of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs!

  1. Students perform a “hook” activity that captivates their interest in a foundational concept.
  2. Students perform inquiry-based activities that help them master the concept. The inquiry process teaches them to ask effective questions, perform experiments, collect and analyze data.
  3. Students join teams and apply what they have learned to create a useful product. Students must consider not just the problem at hand, but also the needs of the end user, the needs of society and the feasibility of their design. They must perform testing and redesign so they can learn from what didn’t work, as well as from what did. They must make a team presentation to communicate the selling points of their designs. This process teaches them innovation, critical “systems thinking” problem solving, communication, teamwork, and project planning. 

Below is an example from the Biosensor module:

This methodology is in direct alignment with the new Next Generation Science Standards.

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