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The study was reported in “Materials World Modules - 2002: A Nationally Representative Evaluation of Classroom Gains” (PDF) by Barbara J. Pellegrini, in Journal of Materials Education, 32(5–6) 185, 2010. The study showed similar gains regardless of student gender or socio-economic status, years of teacher experience or classroom setting.


Statistical results from assessment studies during the past several years are provided in Journal of Materials Education Vol. 32 (5-6): 245 - 254 (2010) (PDF) by Fuentes et al.

MWM program was adopted in Chihuahua, Mexico since 2005. Some of the pertinent results are listed below:

Participation Statistics
The MWM project has grown steadily since its inception in 2005.

The number of new teachers who have been trained in the MWM methodology per year, from 2005 to 2010:


The number of students who have completed the MWM modules per year since 2005.

Distribution of the Program throughout the State of Chihuahua. The part of the State where "MWM" logo is not visible, is the well-known desert of Chihuahua. The western part of the State is Sierra Tarahumara, home of the famous Copper Canyon.

Chihuahua. Assessments obtained by students before and after attending the MWM modules during the 5 year period.

A survey of students who have completed the Modules have shown the following:

  1. 68% of the students agreed that the MWM program has improved their progress in STEM education.
  2. 74% of the students agreed that the MWM program has motivated them to reassess the scientific and technology knowledge.
  3. 62% of the students agreed that the MWM has inspired them to consider a career in science or technology.
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